Brendel Restoration Services

Brendel Restoration specializes in finishing and refinishing of wood furniture and millwork, specialty coating application and touch-up, maintenance contracts, gold/metal leaf and much more! Local wood furniture restoration, refinishing, and repair service in Baltimore MD and Washington DC and all surrounding areas.

Wood Restoration - Brendel RestorationFeaturing:

  • Wood furniture refinishing, restoration, and repair
  • Conference table refinishing, restoration, and repair
  • Cabinetry refinishing (paint or stain grade)
  • Onsite refinishing and touch up
  • Multi-step color matching process
  • Execution on the most difficult finishes


Furniture Restoration: Our finishers are master craftsmen in luxury wood furniture restoration, touch up, and repair of all types of luxury wood furniture pieces. We specialize in every aspect of furniture restoration both residential and commercial.

Furniture Refinishing: Top quality customer service and craftsmanship for the refinishing of commercial and residential furniture including family heirlooms, pieces with sentimental value, fine antiques, office furniture, contemporary pieces, and other good quality pieces. Finishers are required to have experience in the application of numerous coatings including shellac, lacquer, polyester, polyurethane, and catalyzed polyurethane.

Furniture Repair: Residential and commercial wood furniture repair. Unsightly scratches, gauges, screw holes, wear in high traffic areas, etc? Full refinishing is not always required. At Brendel Restoration we are masters in the art of touch up, “faux graining”, and spot finishing. We also offer joint stabilization and structural repair services.

Touch-up and repair of all types of woodwork: Even the most monumental jobs are going to get dinged and damaged during installation. When this happens call Brendel Restoration. We service clients around the country performing on site touch-up and field finishing. We’ve worked in some of the nation’s premier spaces, making damaged millwork/woodwork look beautiful again. Rely on the best to bring your project to a timely completion or to restore its original luster.

Historical Preservation of Wooden Artifacts: Our work is not limited to architectural woodwork and furniture. We have been asked to treat numerous artifacts as well, including antique carousel horses and crosses (dating back to the 16th century).

Ornamental and Architectural Carvings: The dying art of carving is alive and well at our facility.

We can reproduce the most ornate carvings.

mega yacht restoration









Mega Yacht Refinishing and Restoration: We specialize in mega yacht refinishing and restoration and the focal point is a pristine finish. Whether your yacht interior was damaged from travel in high seas or from usage, Brendel Restoration is ready to bring the woodwork back to its initial stately appearance when you took delivery. Using the finest coatings and the best talent in the business, we can restore your interior woodwork and have it dressed and ready for a cruise or resale. We approach each yacht the same way we do an upscale architectural project with proper draping, asset protection, faux work and top coating.

Color Matching: Matching an architect’s sample or meeting the expectations of the discerned collector isn’t as easy as one thinks. Colors are usually matched through a series of coloring steps making up a formula. In other words, you can’t expect to go to your local hardware store and find a wiping stain that’s going to give you the color you’re seeking to match. When dealing with a difficult color it may be necessary to incorporate chemical stains, wiping stains, dye stains and colored coatings.

Exterior Finishing: First impressions last and nothing introduces your home like superior exterior woodwork and doors. Utilizing superior craftsmanship, materials and finishing techniques, Brendel Restoration will bring out the true brilliance of your exterior woodwork.

Piano Restoration and Refinishing: The finishers at Brendel Restoration have extensive backgrounds with the unique techniques and finishes required for world-class piano finishing. piano restoration

We specialize in the application of various coatings, including shellac, lacquer, and catalyzed polyurethane. You can trust your special instrument will be returned in beautiful fashion. In addition, we can also visit your business or residence to provide superior touch-up and polishing services, when full-scale refinishing is not necessary.



At Brendel Restoration we primarily serve customers  in Baltimore MD, Washington DC, NYC, and Philadelphia.  We also travel across the country to provide on-site finishing, touch up, pick up, and delivery services.