Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration

Piano finishes represent craftsmanship of the highest caliber in the finishing world. There are few instruments that are as beautiful to look at as a piano. This is especially true when the piano is refinished and showing no signs of wear or blemishes. For a piano to look its best it needs to have a sleek, hand rubbed appearance or high-polished gloss. Brendel’s Finishers are required to have experience in the application of numerous coatings including shellac, lacquer, polyester, polyurethane, and catalyzed polyurethane.

Piano Restoration
Piano used as a background to a wedding alter. Very rustic and beautiful baby grand.

The finishers at Brendel Restoration have extensive backgrounds in these finishes and our clients can trust that their precious instrument will be returned to them beautifully finished. Nothing adds elegance to a room more than a shiny instrument that reflects everything around it. A refinished piano seems to invite guests to gather around and enjoy the beauty of the natural wood and the sounds of the instrument inside. A piano is a statement.

Brendel Restoration also offers on location repairs for our clients that do not need a full refinish. Our goal is our clients satisfaction. Many of our clients enjoy the ability to make a call to Brendel knowing their repairs may be done with little disturbance to their busy schedules as our professional craftsmen make house-calls.

piano restoration

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