Yacht Restoration

Captains, crew and designers know how passionate yacht owners are about their yachts. There is little confusion on why these vessels are so praised.

They are beautiful creations often filled with glorious wooden features.

Yacht Restoration: Luxury Yacht Interior
In fact, it is often the wood among the interior of a yacht that truly makes it stand out. Over time,  millwork begins to show distress and wear. It is natural for this to happen after so much exposure to the elements of heat, wind and moisture. Many yacht owners then call the expertise of the master craftsmen at Brendel Restoration to bring their wood back to its original glory. Nothing says opulence like a well maintained yacht. Yacht owners know this and take the steps to keep their vessels at top notch condition. If you are refitting a yacht you may also see the need for wood repair. Brendel takes great pride in our team of professionals that know the special steps required for yacht care.

Don’t trust your expensive yacht investments with just anyone. Let us show you the pride and care we take in our work. Mega Yacht restoration is one of Brendel Restoration’s specialties. Our master professionals repair, restore, touch up and perform interior reconditioning of exotic woods and high end furniture in mega vessels and aboard luxury yachts. Our superior craftsmanship with their attention to detail will provide you with a finished product that is second to none.

Our luxury yacht clients enjoy the quality of work our master professionals bring to the job site with our skills at restoring yacht wood furniture and interiors. Brendel has the knowledge, tools and professional skills to restore your yacht interior and wood furniture to its original luster.

Time frame for projects

Top priority is our mission for all of our client’s projects. Brendel craftsmen are master professionals that will go above and beyond to meet the time frame for your project and will deliver professional quality work every time.

We are able to complete our projects on time partly due to the knowledge that we have on the requirements of yacht care, which means we go into each job fully aware of what it will take to get the job done right the first time.

The woodwork on a yacht requires different care than the wood work we have in our homes due to their wear and exposure conditions. This understanding is why our work not only looks beautiful when completed but continues to hold its beauty for a long period of time. Yacht bedroom with wood finishings: Yacht Restoration









Marine Refinishing

Fine yacht interiors raise the bar for architectural woodwork and the focal point is a pristine finish. Whether your yacht interior was damaged from travel in high seas or from usage, Brendel Restoration is ready to bring the woodwork back to its initial stately appearance when you took delivery.

Using the finest coatings and the best talent in the business we can restore the interior woodwork and have it dressed and ready for a cruise or resale.

We approach each yacht the same way we do an upscale architectural project with : proper draping, asset protection, faux work and top coating.

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We proudly serve customers in the Yacht and Mega Vessels Industry Worldwide.

Locally we are in the Greater Baltimore area of Maryland and in Washington DC and all surrounding areas.

large white private mega yacht alongside dock: yacht restoration, brendel restoration

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